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SpamExperts is a high quality solution that protects businesses against security threats by filtering 99.8% of spam messages. In addition SpamExperts it offers a nice additional features listed below:

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Filtering quality

The unequaled intelligence SpamExperts is the direct result of the processing of millions of emails every second of the day. Filters incoming email have a leading rate in the industry, almost 100% accuracy filtering with near 0 false positives
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Output filter

As important as the filter input is the output filter. It keeps us out of blacklists mail providers, keeps our online reputation and assures us that we are not sending spam messages.
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Easy Configuration

The web interface allows access to different levels of permissions, branding options and other features such as automatic detection of users, management of attachments and white and blacklists.
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Upgrading and support

SpamExperts update Openprovider is free and will take care of the additional costs of the remaining period of your existing package

You also have access to the Knowledge Base SpamExperts and all supporting documentation to be able to resolve all doubts.

Always up to date

The strength of SpamExperts is the incredibly refined filtering process. Many spam filters work with normal pre-programmed parameters, SpamExperts filters are constantly adapting to techniques spammers. Mail received is rigorously analyzed by SpamExperts filters, taking into account the behavior of spammers.

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